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LG Chocolate Pink: Style icon in a chic outfit
By Alice Erin
The LG phone is one of the most successful phone today. The phone has received two design awards for the model's superior design aesthetics. Its popularity can be imagined by the fact that it alone covered 7 percent of the total mobile market of Korea within months of its launch. To provide more colour solutions specially to the fairer sex, the chic pink version is introduced. LG Pink handset is identical in form and functionality to the original and importantly maintains the same award winning design.

The pink slider features a TFT LCD 256k colour display that remains carefully hidden till it lits up with the touch sensitive keys and navigation when the phone is opened. The glossy pink colour with chrome accents makes the phone more of a fashion accessory. The intuitive user

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interface and loads of customization options makes the LG Pink an extension of your personality.

The phone has an integrated 1.3 megapixel Camera, with advanced imaging features like Flash, 4 x Digital Zoom as well as Multi Shot Mode so that you can get the perfect pick from a series of nine shots. The easily accessible camera button and the complete LCD screen as a viewfinder makes the LG Pink a great device to capture great moments. Videos in 3GP format can be recorded, watched and can be stored in the gallery for further editing.

Music files of MP3, ACC, ACC+, ACC++ and WMA format could be played by the built in media player. The Touch Pad Music Controls of the LG Pink makes the music player readily accessible to play high definition music in the Stereo Speakers. The handset also houses 128 Mb memory to carry your music and other files and applications. Connectivity through USB and Bluetooth along with Internet access and surfing with the WAP Browser is possible. Its tri-band GSM network support keeps the phone active in most of the world.

The LG Pink have given a totally new perspective to the whole fashion phones category.
LG Chocolate Pink .
LG Chocolate .
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