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LG Chocolate: are you ready for the red carpet?
By Alice Erin
The LG KG800, or the LG – as it is popularly known, is a milestone product not only for its Korean manufacture, but also for the whole mobile phone community. Throughout the history of mobile phone design, there are only few handset that could match up to the level of popularity of the LG immediately after its launch. Within months of its launch, the LG was able to capture more than 7 percent of the total Korean mobile phone market.

Previously available in ultra sleek black, the LG now is available in other colour solutions including chic pink. The glossy texture with a mirror hidden display of this slider and touch sensitive control pad doesn't give away its identity of a mobile phone. It is only when you slide open the phone, the TFT screen lights up with

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rich 256k colours and the touch-sensitive navi-pad lights up in glowing red. The keypad that looks like a chess board deserves a special mention.

The LG features a 1.3 megapixel digital camera with digital zoom and integrated LED flash. You can capture great pictures not only in bright outdoors but also dimly lit rooms. Shoot all the special moments of your life and share it with your friends through MMS and email or simply save it on the 128 Mb of internal memory. The camera is endowed with video recording capabilities as well so that you can capture high quality footage of important occasion.

The built in media player of the LG plays media files of MP3, AAC and MPEG4 with immense clarity. The device can download songs directly through GPRS(Class 10). Other than downloading your favourite content, the phone is also at home in web browsing – thanks to the built in WAP 2.0/xHTML browser. Remote connection and sharing of information with compatible devices like your PC via Bluetooth and USB makes the LG a true connectivity wizard.

In case you're planning to get yourself a LG , be prepared for all the attention it would attract.
LG Chocolate

LG Chocolate Pink
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