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LG KG800 Chocolate A delicious visual treat.
By Carly Charu
The LG KG800 or the phone have given a totally new dimension to the mobile phone market. Apart from the traditional segments like music phones, camera phones, 3G phones, the LG have created a distinct category of 'Designer phones'. After winning two major awards for its groundbreaking design and capturing an unprecedented 7 percent of total market share within no time after its launch in Korea, the LG is all set to take the whole world by storm.

The phone looks like a sleek black box and does not gives away its identity. It leaves people confused because of the hidden LCD screen and touch keypad that gives nothing away. Only when the is slide opened, the high resolution TFT LCD screen lights up with 256k

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colour display, the touch sensitive navigation keys glows in chic red light. The number pad looks more like a smooth chess board with its glossy surface.The designer handset comes with a user friendly 1.3 megapixel camera with built in flash and digital zoom. The whole display acts as the view finder thus giving accurate and vibrant colours of the real world around us. The dedicated camera button not only capture single shot but can be programmed for 9 continuous shots with its multi shot mode so that you can select the perfect picture among them. It also records video in 3GP format which could be further edited. There is also a built in media player to play your favourite tunes stored in the 128 Mb on-board user memory

The LG KG800 works in tri-band mobile network. You can send and receive emails or browse the Internet with the WAP browser. Connect the LG KG800 with any compatible external device wirelessly with Bluetooth or USB for rapid file transfer and synchronization.

Being an ultra glam phone, the LG KG800 attracts a lot of attention, much to their owner's delight.
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