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LG Chocolate pink – Enhance Your Mobile Style
By Alice Erin
There are mobile phones and then there are stylish mobile phones. Sleek looks, creative designs and impeccable finish in mobiles are definite add-ons; these factors, if taken care of, enhance the elegance and functionality of the innovative gadgets to a significant extent. Leading handset manufacturers have not taken long to realize the appeal of stunning looks among fashion conscious phone users; consequently, many of the latest mobile phones are being designed with ultra-slim profiles and sleek and stylish exteriors. LG pink is one such stylish mobile phone from LG Electronics – a leader in the realm of mobile communications.

But, first something about the basic handset. The inimitable design of the LG mobile phone builds up mystery and intrigue. Having

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won a number of prestigious awards – the LG pink has created a position of excellence for itself. Users are tempted to hold the handset and prod further into the innovative design and sophisticated functionality. A touch keypad fades out of sight when the handset is not in use. The LG phone is available in four colours which are black, white, pink and red wine. Gold and platinum accents are added to the variants in design of the same model.

In this context, the availability of the LG mobile phone in pink has been a trendsetter of sorts and users who value style have made their pleasure very evident. People have found one more very glamorous way to express their individuality and style quotient and many phone users are using the LG pink phone as a reflection of their personality.

A high quality display makes using the pink handset from LG quite fascinating. Email, mobile browser, Bluetooth connectivity, mp3 player, 1.3 megapixel digital camera, games, 128 MB of memory - the LG pink mobile phone comes with some of the more “in-demand” features – a fact which makes it all the more invaluable.
LG Chocolate pink

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