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My Favorite Belgian Chocolate

There are few things in this world that compare to Belgian chocolate. It is so delicious and so much creamier than its American counterparts. I will choose Belgian chocolate, if it is available, every time. You donít have to go to Belgium to eat Belgian chocolate. The internet abounds with websites selling Belgian chocolate.

I have been buying different Belgian chocolates for years. I try a lot of different brands. One of the brands I am currently really enjoying is made by a company called NewTree. They combine Belgian with herbal and botanical ingredients. The resulting candy is fantastic.

I love the new NewTree Renew Dark bar. This is some marvelous Belgian that is flavored with the essence of grape and black currants. These additions are high in antioxidants and delicious. I loved black currants as a child. My grandfather would pick them and we would eat them until we were full.

Iím going

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to try another NewTree product next month. It is a Dark Belgian Forgiveness Bar. I thought that this was an odd name for a bar, until I read the ingredients. The bar is flavored with lemon and natural cactus extracts. The bar is also supposed to facilitate digestion and reduce caloric intake by burning fat.

I think that after I try the Forgiveness Bar from NewTree, I am going to try the Tranquility Milk Belgian Bar. This bar contains lavender and lime flowers. I think that I will have a new favorite after I try them. They sound divine. I think that lime flowers should be used in more things.

My mom also really enjoys the Belgian chocolates that I buy for her. She prefers covered fruits and nuts from Chocolat Cafť-Tasse. I prefer their Belgian covered coffee beans to their fruits and nuts. I only buy from them every other year. My mother gets plenty of Belgian throughout the years from me when I am trying new things.

When I was looking for some specialty filled Belgian bars, I found a company called Cote díOr that makes wonderful chocolates. I bought my best friend some Belgian elephants with a dark truffle filling. She loved them, but the foil wrapped elephants were so beautiful that convincing her to un-wrap them was a chore! I have found that most companies that make Belgian have a wonderful presentation.

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