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Quality Of Belgian Chocolate
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Chocolate lovers everywhere appreciate quality. Good ingredients make good and Belgian has a reputation for being the best. This may have been the boast of the Swiss at one time, before the Belgians raced ahead. There is a long tradition of making in Belgium, which only needed a good marketing campaign to bring it to the attention of the

rest of us. There are even museums there!

In 1912, the filled recipe known as the praline was invented in Belgium. The residents there have always been fond

of exchanging chocolates as presents and they are very proud of the worldwide popularity of their export. The key to the high

standard of Belgian lies in the selection of the best cocoa seeds and other ingredients. It's apparent when inferior cocoa is used in any as it leaves an unpleasant after taste. Good always gives a rich, full flavor, which lingers in the mouth. The Belgian manufacturing process is done mainly by hand, including the

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final decoration.

The range of products is wide, with different center fillings in plain, milk and white chocolate. The attention to quality applies to the packaging too, and Belgian makes the ideal gift, all tied up in a ribbon. Fillings include liqueurs, fruit, caramel, buttercream, ganache and mocha. There is also nougat, whipped cream, ginger, almonds, coffee, cinnamon spice and rum. If you feel like experimenting with unusual flavors, there is coriander, lime or jasmine tea.

Chocolate can be taken in many forms and is gorgeous in mousse, cake and truffles. Belgian that is used

in cooking will make everything taste better than normal. It's also a good idea for fountains. This marvelous

invention is all the rage for parties and receptions. They are the answer to a chocoholic's prayer, with rivers of warm,

liquid chocolate. The idea is to dip things like fruit and biscuits into the goo. Strawberries and bananas work

very well, as do marshmallows and fudge. You can get Belgian chocolate refills for the fountain, so you never have to run out. You can even dismantle the fountain to put in the dishwasher.

Continental in general has much to teach the rest of the world. Some is overfilled with milk or sugar,

preventing the full flavor of the cocoa to come through. The Aztecs knew the value of the cocoa bean and didn't have any

sugar to sweeten it.

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