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My Love Of Godiva Chocolate

The only thing better than Godiva by itself is Godiva in drink, desserts and other assorted things. I have loved Godiva ever since the first time I ever tried it. I can still remember feeling shocked at the delicious taste and texture. I bought myself one tiny piece and enjoyed it thoroughly.

The best drinks Iíve ever had included Godiva chocolate. My favorite martini is a Godiva raspberry martini. There are only three ingredients, Godiva liqueur, vodka and raspberry liqueur. The drink is shaken and not stirred. I have served this at dinner parties for years.

My kids love Godiva and now that they are old enough to drink alcohol, I make them Godiva ice cream sodas. They donít like my martinis, yet, but I think that someday they might. My son says that martinis are just weird. My daughter says

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that ice cream sodas are the best desert ever invented.

I use Godiva in candies and truffles that I give to family and friends during the Christmas season. I have had years where I had the time and energy to make a lot of different Godiva recipes, but there have been several years where I only made one. The recipe that I always make time for is Godiva truffles.

Godiva truffles are my favorite treat, hands down. I use organic heavy cream, organic butter, Godiva that is dark, and Hennessy Cognac. I really try to spare no expense when it comes to ingredients in this favorite. It really does make a difference to the overall quality of the candy to use the very best ingredients.

I found a new Godiva recipe to make on New Yearís Day before all of my holiday guests leave. I am going to make Godiva sour cream doughnuts with Godiva orange glaze. I think that they are going to be fantastic and my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

My husband thinks it is a little bit funny that I can make Godiva cookies at a momentís notice. I keep a batch of Godiva icebox cookies in the refrigerator just about all of the time. I love freshly baked cookies and I love Godiva chocolate, so they are perfect for me and my lifestyle.

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