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Natural Chocolate Wonders
By Fred Goldman
Natural is a perfect hybrid of words and meaning. But recent examinations of the benefits and makeup of support the claim that natural may be good or you. serves as a natural relaxer, an antioxidant, and a positive health contributor. Natural is actually made from the seeds of the cacao tree, commonly derived from cacao beans.

Natural benefits derive from products pressed from the cocoa bean and not made from the cocoa butter product cooked from the fruits of the cacao tree. Natural will include the high concentration necessary and associated with European dark made with less sugar.

If consumption represents one percent of the American diet, it is from fatty products loaded with sugar. Natural is more regularly found in bitter products like baking chocolate, specialty bars and special natural products found in organic food stores. It is not likely to be in very sweet and sugary candy or products

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with milk added.

Consuming natural does not share the same dietetic stigma today of consuming candy and other forms, since products used for cake frosting, chips, and ice cream are filled with fat, sugar and preservatives. To determine if a product contains the benefits of natural chocolate, make sure the ingredients do not contains cocoa butter or dark colorings.

Eating natural has become a significant choice for a snack. As a meal supplement or dessert, natural is a snack that is less empty that other fat filled sugary and starchy snacks. This does not mean that any candy bar automatically applies. Dark includes falconoid, which is present in natural but gets filtered out in the processing of other products such as syrup, powders, and candy.

Natural exists when no chemicals or alkalis have been applied in the fermentation and manufacturing process, Natural may be considered something like a glass of wine or a frozen yogurt for enjoyment with a side benefit. Adding natural cocoa to your morning coffee may keep high blood pressure down, circulation up, and the heart healthier.

The Flavenols and Flavenoids in natural can exhibit health benefits that mimic prunes, blueberries, and coffee. Natural may have caffeine in it, but doctors now show that caffeine found in coffee may also have the same kinds of health benefits, include living a year longer and analgesic or serotonin effects on the body.
Fred Goldman is the Founder of Sugarless Candy Store. You"ll find healthy snack choices including sugarless chocolate, natural chocolate, and more at

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