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LG KG800 Chocolate (White): Luxurious designing, compatible features
By Alice Erin
The LG KG800 has earned its name as the LG because of its sleek and lavish design. Well, designing is just the one aspect because it also supports various compatible features. Thus, all these factors contributed to earn a special place for the LG KG800 among other popular stylish phones.

Just grab one and see the sensitive pad and navigation. This touch sensitive pad glows as you touch it. Well, this pad disappears, when not in use. Undoubtedly, the LG KG800 is luxurious and compact in design. It measures 95 x 48 x 15.2mm. It weighs only 83 grams including its battery, thus, you can easily carry it around without worrying about its weight. It comes with 128 Mbytes of shared memory, which allows you to save all the important email, messages, photos and video recordings.

The LG KG800 is loaded

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with a high resolution TFT LCD screen, which provides a clear and lucid display. You can also take pictures with your LG KG 800, as it comes with a 1.3 megapixel digital camera. Besides camera, there is a built in flash and 4 x digital zoom, which add clarity to photos. After capturing, you can store these photos in a photo album. You can also use a multi shot mode, which gives you nine chances to capture that perfect shot.

The LG White supports ultimate messaging features including SMS text messaging, MMS, EMS and email. You can easily send and receive long SMS messages by using the predictive text input method that helps to make the text appear quicker. Well, the MMS message can contain sound and text either with images, videos or photos.

The LG KG800 has a built in music player which provide you non-stop music amusement. Itís music player supports various music formats such as MP3, ACC, ACC+ and WMA. Its music player comes with an easy to access music button, which enables you to use the music player feature directly. To add more fun, you can easily change the ringtones of your phone. It does have a built in stereo speaker, which gives quality sound. Thus, the LG KG800 is not only about looks, but it does have loads of other things to offer.
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